My 5 most anticipated fall shows

  1. Notorious

When ABC announced its drama pilots for this season, I wasn’t a fan of Notorious. Next to other ambitious projects, it didn’t stand out enough to catch my attention. The turning point, which changed my mind, was the casting of the lead character. When Piper Perabo, the star of Covert Affairs joined, I was all in. And the trailer turned out even better, than I anticipated. The slot between Grey’s Anatomy and How To Get Away With Murder seems perfect for a show about two people trying to manipulate two worlds, the media and the justice system. In Scandal, we learned, that everybody has a dark side and that it is possible, that all the characters are monsters in their own way. That is exactly the same, as what I expect from Notorious.


  1. Designted Survivor

Nikita from Nikita is back, April from Chasing Life is back, Jack from 24 is back. Together with other stars, such as Kal Penn, Natasha McElhone and Adan Canto, you get one of the best casts ever created for a single TV show. Kiefer Sutherland plays Tom Kirkman, lower level United States Cabinet member. One catastrophe changes it all, the president and every other member of Cabinet with higher position get brutally murdered by a terrorist attack. Who stands behind this attack? Will they try to kill Tom? Will they try to manipulate Tom? Are some series regulars mixed with terrorists? Those are all the answers, which I can’t wait to get answered during Season 1 of this highly anticipated Conspiracy Thriller Drama.


  1. Pitch

Kylie Bunbury finally got a role she deserves. All the shows of this incredibly talented actress got cancelled way too soon. Hopefully, Pitch can finally break this curse. A show about baseball sounds like a very unique idea, especially since we don’t have many TV shows about sports. And as far as I know, America loves baseball, so hopefully they will give this gem a try. The trailer alone proves, that Dan Fogelman will play with our feeling once again. I already can’t wait to watch Pitch – This is Us – Parenthood trio during this fall. Whole America needs to cheer for our heroine, Ginny Baker to prove, that women can be as successful as men in baseball.


  1. No Tomorrow

CBS Studios went once again with a dramedy for The CW. On the one hand, I am still very sad, that it got picked over supernatural drama pilot Transylvania, but on the other hand, the trailer for No Tomorrow proved, that we will once again get a very fresh and original dramedy from The CW. As a huge fan of Jane the Virgin and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, I think, that No Tomorrow might be even better, because in addition to incredibly talented lead actress, this show also has Joshua Sasse, also known as Galavant. Will The CW win a third Golden Globe this year? With No Tomorrow, I believe, that it is very possible. Following this relationship between a man, who wants to live his life to the fullest and a woman, who doesn’t want to take any risk, should be a very heartfelt and incredibly fun journey.


  1. Conviction

Hailey Atwell, Eddie Cahill, Shawn Ashmore, Emily Kinney, Manny Montana, Merrin Dungey. Have you ever seen a better cast? Right now, I really can’t think of any. I was never interested in any legal drama as much, as I am interested in Conviction. Hailey Atwell will show us a great transformation from our beloved Agent Carter into a rebellious daughter of a former president. But her wild life has to change in a moment, when she gets blackmailed and has to take a job as a leader of a newly created Conviction Integrity Unit. Joined by an amazing team, they will try to help all the people, who might have been wrongly convicted of a crime. Hopefully, this will be a procedural for ABC, which will help to fill a hole, left after a cancellation of Castle.



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