Queen of the South (Pilot)

“My name is Teresa Mendoza. I am from Mexico. I was born poor, not that that’s bad. But take it from me, i’ve been poor. And i’ve been rich. Rich is better. Believe me.”

Queen of the South - Pilot

Part of the genius speech you get to hear right at the beginning of the first episode. Those excellent words are being said by seemingly rich lady, the lead character Teresa Mendoza. But, there is a catch, because this speech is followed by a huge twist. And right after that, we travel back in time, to the beginning of the journey. Thankfully, the writers found a brilliant way to use both versions of Teresa, poor from the present and rich from the future. Teresa in the present is often imagining her future self, in a very efficient way.


The storytelling is very effective and it can keep you interested for full 40 minutes. You get to see some action. A lot of action actually. Since our story is about Teresa becoming an important person in the drug world, we get to see drugs, weapons and dangerous people everywhere. Teresa and her friend Brenda find themselves right in the middle.


The most interesting character so far is without a doubt the leading lady, Teresa Mendoza. She portrays the amazing contrast between two worlds, rich and poor. Her transformation between present and future is obviously enormous. Following this evolution should be reason enough to keep watching.


The other characters get their time to shine too. For example, Brenda, the wife of a rich drug lord (who gets killed right away). With the help of Teresa, she manages to escape, together with her son, but due to a car crash, they get separated. It is not clear yet, where will this storyline go, but it might be the exact opposite of Teresa’s story, since Benda starts as the rich wife, but she can lose it all. Other characters were introduced without getting much screen time, but Don Epifanio Vargas (Governor) and his ex-wife Dona Camila Vargas will probably be the cause of many troubles.


Queen of the South is the perfect show for summer. It is placed in the world of drug lords, which is not overused yet, so if you are impatiently waiting for Season 2 of Narcos, his might be the perfect replacement.


Overall score : 10/10


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