5 TV Shows gone too soon!

What is the worst thing that can happen to a fan of a TV show? Cancellation, or even worse, cancellation without any resolution whatsoever. I made a list of 5 TV shows I miss the most.


The Secret Circle

This show, which aired on The CW for only 1 season plays a very important role in my life. The Secret Circle was the first TV show ever, which I have watched in English. Many interesting characters were introduced during its course, with Faye Chamberlain in the lead. Cassie’s father, introduced in the second half is one of the most interesting villains ever created. I mean, how often do we see a villain trying to have a baby with every female witch to create a circle full of his own kids? After all these years, The Secret Circle is still the cancellation, which hurts the most.


The Family

The Family is the newest show included in this list. Even though it seems to have quite a big following online and a very high quality, acting and writing wise, it still failed to get high ratings in the US. Story abut long lost child coming back home might be familiar from other shows, but The Family brings so much originality into this idea, that it feels completely fresh. I think, that it might be even the best written new show on broadcast TV of the season 2015/16. My wishful thinking is, that Joan Allen gets recognized by the Emmys and that it somehow helps to get season 2 somewhere else (Netflix maybe?). I will always remember The Family as a show with one of the best season 1 ever.


Agent Carter

I still don’t understand, why this show didn’t become one of the biggest hits. It had everything – Marvel brand, excellent casting (especially Hayley Atwell as Peggy), amazing characters, interesting storylines and marvelous writing. The fact, that we could learn so much more about the beginning of SHIELD and we didn’t get a chance to, is really sad. Witch Agents of SHIELD and Hayley’s new show Conviction, both being on ABC, I hope we will get to see a few flashbacks with Peggy during Season 4.


Chasing Life

In my opinion, Chasing Life was the best show, which ever aired on Freeform/ABC Family. It portrayed one of the worst things that can happen to a person, especially a young one – cancer. It was really heartbreaking, seeing how April herself found out about it and then, how all of her relatives found out. April telling her sister is one of my favorite scenes of all the TV shows ever. Italia Ricci did an amazing job as the lead actress. She proved so many times, that she is one of the best young actresses right now and I can’t wait to see her again on Designated Survivor.


Witches of East End

As a fan of TV shows with witchcraft, I was thrilled, when Witches of East End was first introduced. Then Jenna Dewan Tatum and Mädchen Amick got cast as series regulars and I couldn’t have been any happier. But high quality storytelling and amazing actors didn’t save this show and it got cancelled after only 2 seasons. And what’s even worse, it ended with a huge cliffhanger. But thankfully all the amazing actors keep getting other roles in new TV shows.


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