My favorite Characters from every current CW show

The CW is the only network, where I watch every single scripted show. Through the years, The CW created countless incredible characters, lead or supporting, male or female, they deserve some recognition.



Mary, Queen of Scots

Mary is an incredible female character. I always loved strong female characters on TV and Mary is not an exception. Except for her personal life, she has to think about multiple countries – Scotland, France & England. Because she is a very important figure, she has many enemies and it takes a lot of strength to survive. In the current season, she proved many times, that she is strong, even without King Francis by her side.



Laurel Lance/Black Canary

Katie Cassidy was the main reason, why I started watching Arrow. She did an amazing job on Gossip Girl, Harper’s Island, Melrose Place and especially Supernatural, so I just had to check out her newest role. During season 1, Laurel was not my favorite character, mainly because her main purpose was to be a part of a love triangle. But after sudden and unexpected death of Tommy, which meant the end of this triangle, I started to fall in love with her character. After Sara died, Katie did an incredible job portraying Black Canary. I am still very bitter about what Arrow writers did to her and I really hope she will somehow return as a part of Legends of Tomorrow.


Jane the Virgin


After Season 2, Petra is easily my favorite character. I have always loved complicated characters like Petra’s. We can’t tell if she’s good or not, because her good actions are always mixed with bad ones. But after seeing how crazy her mother and her twin sister are, can we blame her? I can’t wait to see what will happen to her after the shocking season 2 finale. And Petra is probably the only person alive, who doesn’t know Frozen, isn’t she?


The Originals

Rebekah Mikaelson

I have loved Claire Holt ever since H20: Just Add Water. When I first learned she was joining The Vampire Diaries, I couldn’t be happier. And what’s even better? Her character is amazing, she is playing one of The Originals, an original vampire family that has been around for many centuries. Character of Rebekah is very strong, but also very sensitive, strongly independent, yet she would do anything for her family, she is one of the strongest vampires, yet she would love to be normal, with ordinary family of her own. When it was announced that Claire was leaving The Originals, I was heartbroken (well, I still am), but at least we get to see her a few times in every season. If season 4 really will be its last, I really hope Rebekah can come back in full force.



Dean Winchester

Ever since episode 1 of Supernatural aired, Dean was always my favorite brother. I simply love how funny he always is. And even though he often acts like he doesn’t care about some things, he is often there for his younger brother, Sam. There is nothing he wouldn’t do for him. Another thing I love about his character is his relationship with Castiel – probably my favorite bromance ever.


Legends of Tomorrow

Sara Lance

Is there any female character in the Arrow-Flash-LoT universe more badass than Sara? I don’t think so! Already in Arrow, especially in Season 2, Sara proved that she can take care of herself, that she is one of the strongest female characters ever. And that still continues in Legends of Tomorrow, when she finally got a chance to be series regular. I really adore how she is trying to be more uplifting, happier character, which is trying to fight her dark side.


The Flash

Barry Allen/The Flash

Barry is not your typical superhero. From the first glance we can see, that he is not as physically strong as other superheroes. He is also much more sensitive that others, he cares about everyone so much. He is not a killer, he simply wants to protect the world. And all of this makes The Flash one of the most interesting heroes.


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Rebecca Bunch

She really is crazy, she makes irrational, rushed decisions (who else would change their life completely because of one boy?), she suffers from depression and anxiety and her songs are even crazier (who else could sing a song about having heavy boobs?). Yet, we all root for her and hope she can finally find her place in this world. It is very obvious that Rachel Bloom is living her dream portraying Rebecca. No wonder that she won a Golden Globe and is looking good to get at least a nomination for Emmy. I really hope, that we will get to follow Rebecca’s storyline for at least 4 seasons, like most CW’s shows recently.


Beauty and the Beast

Heather Chandler

This might seem like a very unexpected choice, but for me, Heather has always been the highlight of this show. She is always so uplifting and she can always bring me to a better mood. When they turned this character into a series regular at the beginning of season 3, I couldn’t be happier. I really hope, that Heather gets her happy ending at the end of this final season.


The Vampire Diaries

Bonnie Bennett

Choosing a favorite character from The Vampire Diaries is probably the hardest one yet. During its course, my feelings about all the characters were changing a lot. The characters that were once at the top of my list are now at the bottom of my list. The one character, which was always on my good side, is Bonnie. She has always the most interesting storylines. She went through so much already, she is constantly in danger and yet she always cares about all her friends and she is always protecting them, always putting them in front of her own goals and desires. She is the only character from The Vampire Diaries, which deserves her happy ending.



Jake Riley

Containment is still a new show and my favorite character is changing almost every week, but right now, I would say that Jake is at the top of my list. He has the unfortunate assignment to be the leader inside of Cordon, in the area, where people are dying every minute, where crime is happening on a daily basis, where nobody is safe. So far, he is doing a pretty solid job, so let’s see if he is one of the lucky ones, who survive.


The 100

Octavia Blake

Very easy. She was my favorite, since the very first moment we met her. And when we learned, how incredibly hard her life on the arc was, we were all heartbroken. On the earth, she went through the biggest change of them all. And what was her reward? The death of her boyfriend,Lincoln. But in the end she got her revenge. But was it all worth it? Will it make her feel better? We will all learn during season 4, but I feel like we will get to see Octavia’s darkest side yet.



Liv Moore

And who is my absolute favorite character? iZombie’s Olivia Moore. Thanks to the brains, which she has to eat to keep her humanity, we get to see so many sides to her character, as never before. We can see her personality from so many different angles, that it is really incredible. Rose McIver deserves many awards for her portrayal of Liv. And her relationships with other characters make her character even more interesting.


Please share your favorite CW’s characters in comments


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