The Family (Season 1)

If anyone asked me, which TV show surprised me the most during season 2015/2016, my answer would be The Family. This dark, mysterious show had everything – incredible writing, characters, actors, atmosphere and everything else.

When it was first ordered to series, i was disappointed, because i was rooting for other ABC pilots, but in the end, I absolutely loved every single episode. It had so many unexpected twists. And they all worked great, which is quite hard to achieve nowadays.


The Family started with return of Adam, long time lost son of Claire and John Warren. Shocker, it wasn’t really Adam, it was another kid that was kidnapped too. Even sooner than Adam. Other family members started to figure it out during season 1, but they went along with it. They didn’t reveal it to anybody else. Simply because of the power of politics.


Even though the whole Warren family seemed perfect for its voters, we got to see all (or most?) of their secrets. Father of the family, John had an affair with Sergeant Nina Meyer. Adam’s sister, Willa found out first, that it is not really Adam. She was also secretly gay. She might also be a killer after what happened in the finale.

We got to meet some interesting characters outside the Warren family. Bridey Cruz, a local reporter, who was willing to do almost everything for her articles. She was sleeping with both, Danny and Willa, just to get some details about Adam’s case. Another interesting character was Andrew, a neighbor of Warrens and also registered sex offender. It was really interesting to follow a story of such unique character. We got to see both, his bad and his good side.


Favorite episode

“What Took so Long”

It was absolutely astonishing series finale. We got to witness writing and acting at its best. My favorite moment was the final scene, a call between ‘fake Adam’ and real Adam. It would be so interesting to follow this storyline during Season 2, but sadly, we can only dream about it now. In one shot, we got to see Bridey’s dead body, which was really unexpected, since it came out of nowhere. It was a perfect season finale, but as a series finale, not so much, since we got more questions than answers.


Favorite character


Willa Warren

Alison Pill was portraying a very complicated character. After 12 episodes, we still don’t know who she really was. At first glance, she was the perfect daughter. But as the story went on, we got to see a lot of Willa’s secrets. Probably the most out of all the characters. I would really love to know if it was her who killed Bridey.


To summarize, The Family was an outstanding show, which deserved more viewers and definitely more seasons. And since Nashville got picked by another station, I can honestly say that The Family’s cancellation is the biggest disappointment of the season 2015/2016.


Overall score – 10/10


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