iZombie (Season 2)

Overall Review

In comparison with already amazing Season 1, season 2 had even more fun moments, more action and more storyline. Character development was amazing through the whole season with amazing Liv Moore in the lead. But i feel, that every single series regular got much more screen time and better storylines than in Season 1. And what’s the best part of it? That Season finale already showed us that Season 3 will have even more interesting storyline.

I am not a big fan of case-of-the-week shows, but iZombie proved again that even those types of show can be a lot of fun. iZombie is one of the best examples which shows that case-of-the-week can be perfectly mixed with main storyline. ‚Brains‘ which Liv was eating through whole season were perfect mixture of fun ‚brains‘ and more serious ‚brains‘.


Favorite Episodes


“Dead Beat” + “Salivation Army”

One of the best Season finales i have ever seen. There is not one single thing i didn’t like about it. Nothing. All characters got their time to shine, it had a lot of action, a lot of heart, funny moments and amazing twist at the end. Max Rager storyline has been amazing since the beginning, but in this episode, it came to another new level of perfection.


“Real Dead Housewife of Seattle”

For many this was just a simple episode. For me, this was my favorite episode up until the finale aired. Mostly because of amazing Rose McIver. I absolutely adored her portrayal of ‚Real Housewife‘. Another great thing was Peyton’s comeback. I really love this character and i think that she is an amazing addition to the cast. Another highlight was Major and his storyline with Max Rager and Gilda.


Favorite Character


Liv Moore

Even through all the characters are amazing, Liv Moore is by far my favorite. By herself, she has an amazing personality. But in addition, all the brains she is eating are giving other aspects of her character. In season 2 we got to see her as an amazing girlfriend to Major and Drake, as amazing friend to Ravi and Peyton and as an amazing investigator with ‚visions‘ with Babineaux. I believe, that Liv Moore is one of the best written characters ever.


Best twist

The last scene. Vivian Stoll and her army are zombies too! And they want to make Seattle home town for zombies. That was shocking. And it makes me believe that Season 3 will be even more amazing.


Things to look forward to in Season 3


  1. Vivian Stoll and her plan to turn Seattle into zombie town
  2. Peyton as series regular
  3. Possibility that Liv and Major will be solving some cases together. Their interactions with the same brains should be interesting and hilarious
  4. Blaine’s storyline


What did you think about Season 2?


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