Guilt (Pilot)


Guilt’s story starts with brutal murder of Molly, best friend of our heroine Grace. Both girls  are partying all night and enjoying life. But that all ends in the morning, when Grace, together with her boyfriend Luc find the dead body of Molly. And so begins our murder mystery.


What makes this show so special for me is London. I think, that it is the most beautiful city in the world and all the shots of streets, buildings and all my favorite places in London are perfect addition to already captivating story.

American  student and lead character Grace is the main suspect right from the beginning. And the fact, that she tried to escape to Paris with her boyfriend definitely didn’t help. She is immediately all over the media portrayed as the main suspect of her best friend’s murder. But at least she got an amazing defense attorney Stan Gutterie (played by one of my favorite actors Billy Zane).


But Grace is definitely not our only suspect. There is her boyfriend Luc, who tried to escape to Paris with her and who enjoys painting bloody portraits. Then we meet Theo, who is also Prince of Wales, dressed in expensive suit. But later on we can see him shirtless with scratches on his back. Another suspect is Roz. At first  glance she seemed innocent, but that changed with last scene, when she is sending naked girls upstair with strange men.

Another important characters are Natalie, sister of Grace and a Boston prosecutor, Gwendolyn, is the Crown Prosecutor at Scotland Yard, detective Bruno and Molly’s angry brother, Patrick Ryan.


Favorite Character Antwood

I think that Grace is the most mysterious character, because usually the lead actress is looking innocent in those types of shows, but i can honestly say that Grace is one of my biggest suspects. She seems to have very troubled past (for example sleeping with her teacher) and i am very interested to see what her other secrets are.


Favorite Scenes

  1. Grace finds Molly’s body – scene, where our whole mystery begins
  2. Natalie asking her sister if she killed Molly – very emotional scene
  3. The end – Reveal of Roz’s and Theo’s secrets


Overall – 9/10

Can’t wait to see where this story goes.


What did you think about the pilot episode?




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